ThoughtyTime: The begining

The idea behind this blog was a spot to simply write about my random thoughts that race in my head throughout the day and lead to actual conversations that result in thinking instead of just reacting. I figured a blog would be a better spot to share my thoughts instead of social media and figured it could be fun! Wether that may be completely random thoughts or thoughts about current events or events that I experience. I was thinking about how everything I read online and social media has an agenda or is aligned with certain beliefs, so I wanted to create a space where my thoughts are expressed truthfully and honestly. The hope being that eventually other people can express and share their random thoughts or questions that popped into their mind during the day.

I think the simplicity of recording the random thoughts that pop in your head throughout an average day can be intriguing and can lead to interesting conversations. Countless thoughts come and go but are never shared and thats what I want to do! Whether the thought comes and goes quickly, or I focus and spending time on a thought, I want to record it.

Everyone has those moments when sitting in class or at work and and have a funny thought or randomly think of a premise for a tv show and chuckle to themselves….why not share that!!! As well as hear other people’s funny and thought provoking thoughts.

On this blog, I am sure that readers will read all sorts of my thoughts..including serious, funny, as well as anything and everything. I would love to get some advice and feedback on this idea and i will be sharing this initial post with the hope of getting it seen by some people.

This is a platform to express thoughts without a character limit and my hope is that this is a spot for sharing, laughing, and most importantly simple conversations about everyday things.

My next step is to start recording and writing and hope that ThoughtyTime turns into something great!! I will be trying to spread the blog as soon as I get some posts flowing.




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