Nike: Just do….what you want

I figured I couldn’t enjoy some thoughty time without the whole Nike ad situation popping up so I figured I would share my thoughts on it all…

I guess I will start on the NFL and Kap. I completely agree that he is better than a handful of quarterbacks who are currently playing in the NFL right now, and he rightfully so should be mad. If another player such as Antonio Brown or OBJ took the same path as Kap, I think they would still be playing today. Their talent outweighs the “backlash” and extra attention that Kap is currently experiencing. I feel like that may be an unpopular opinion but I believe that it is true. (This could be a entire post on its own)

The one aspect of this situation that I think about the most, is how affected and “hurt” people are by players kneeling for the anthem. I can see their point of view, and they have every right to believe that players should be standing and can express that. Just as players have the right to kneel. I get why they become upset and want to express that, I really do, but to boycott the NFL or to burn your Nike shoes is just crazy to me. Maybe its selfish but why would I stop watching something I have have enjoyed for many years because of a knee? I believe people get caught up in the us vs them narrative and then run wild with it.

I don’t want to come off as minimizing the protest, because I do acknowledge it, but people are letting it affect something they love and destroying something they purchased so that they can prove a point?

I may be talking in circles now, but I don’t know fully how to express my thoughts on the situation at hand. Personally, I believe that people should stand for the anthem, but I am not mad or upset with players who take a knee. Like I said, I acknowledge the knee and the fact their expressing their rights and move on. People let a situation like this put them in a negative mindset and they become obsessed with it. I get being upset and angry but to limit your own happiness over it doesn’t make much sense to me.

My bottom line is that whatever external events or other things are going on, you gotta put yourself first sometimes and stay focused on your own happiness and success. I know that is a lot harder done than said, but that’s what I am striving for. People should be able to do what they want, as long as it is safe and not putting others at risk.


As my posts continue to add up, it is becoming me examining my major thoughts that I had throughout the day and thinking them over without any distractions at night.. AKA Thoughty Time


Final Thoughts:

-I think Kap wearing the pig’s as cops socks more offensive than anything else he’ s done.

-Dont let other’s actions affect your own happiness.