ThoughtyTime:Where…actually when would you go?

As I briefly stated before in my intro post, this blog is about random thoughts that pop up in my busy mind throughout the day. As you will soon come to see, often something I see or a small little thought turns into spiraling down a rabbit hole and ending up somewhere completely different. This post is going to have people wondering how did he end up there?? But I guess thats what makes the human mind so fascinating and productive. I had countless random thoughts today but this one was very interesting to me…

Anyway…I was driving in my Mazda 3, on a way to work training and drove past someone changing a tire. First thought was, the nice thing to do would be to ask if they need help, but I quickly remembered that I have no idea how to change a tire. Now this may be embarrassing to some, but I have come to accept it. As I drove by I quietly thanked the fact that roadside assistance exists.

A recurring thought kept popping up, I kept asking myself if I had to, would I be able to figure out how to change my tire if I had to? Would I be able to function in society when being handy was essential to survival…? And then BOOM, I cannonballed down the rabbit hole and wondered how would I have survived throughout some of histories most famous events.

I like to think that if I grew up in certain eras I would be fine because I wouldn’t know anything else. I would be running around hunting for my own food or maybe heading off  to war. I also, like to believe that if I was transported back in history somehow (Magic TreeHouse style…favorite books growing up) that I would eventually adapt like humans have done throughout history.

For whatever reason, I first thought about being a 25 year old on the front lines during World War I and being told that we would be heading out of the trench and moving forward, which was almost a guaranteed death. This dark time in history lead me to question which events in history would I like to go back and experience. My hope is that people read this post and they share what event in history they would like to go back and experience.

  1. Ancient Egypt would without a doubt be my first choice  to go back in time to experience. I wouldn’t want to live there, but would hope for more of a ghost of christmas past scenario where I am a casual observer. There are so many mysteries surrounding Ancient Egypt, so who wouldn’t want to find out what really happened, and how the sphinx and pyramids were truly constructed.
  2. My second choice is not very specific. I would like to be present (Magic TreeHouse style) at different famous speeches. I would love to experience George Washington rallying the troops or MLK giving the “I have a dream speech” and simply take it all in.

Anywayyyy, I could make cases for a lot of different events in history but the two previously mentioned stood out the most for me. Thinking about living and experience the past really makes me grateful for all that we have now. I don’t think I was cut out to build the pyramids or storm Normandy, but none the less it would be pretty neat to experience.

I crawled back out of this rabbit hole when I arrived to my training. I wouldn’t consider this day dreaming, but more of a productive examination of the past, or even just simply enjoying some THOUGHTY TIME.